About Us

Al-Fatih Gafer Development Co. Ltd. is a Multi-Sector Company operating in a variety of Sectors including agricultural and animal production, real estate, mining and import and export operations. The Company was established in 2014


Achieving leadership in the fields in which we operate, and expanding horizontally and vertically to become the largest company in Sudan and the Middle East.


To contribute to the development of the productive sectors in the field of agriculture and animal production.

Our Goals


To provide quality service and goods according to the highest standards and specifications that befit the consumer and satisfy the aspirations of our customers.

To expand regionally to reach all parts of Sudan and cover the needs of the local market, then go to export

Creating job opportunities for talented competent youth, and to provide opportunities to train and qualify our national cadres.

Adding new industries and maintaining the continuous development of the level of our products and services to meet the needs of the local Sudanese market and the neighboring countries markets