High quality products
of beans, sesame, and other crops
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a full range of heavy devices
mechanisms and modern exploration
about company our services
High quality products
of chicken and processed meat
about company our services

Who We Are

Al-Fatih Gafer Development Co. Ltd. is a Multi-Sector Company operating in a variety of Sectors including agricultural and animal production, real estate, traveling, shopping, mining and import and export operations. The Company  was  established in 2014.

Our values


Commitment to technical and ethical standards in all our operations. We are committed to provide services and products that meet the aspirations of our customers

Continuous Improvement

We always strive to develop our business and our products and keep pace with technical and administrative development to maintain leadership and growth.

Transparency and Integrity

We have a deep belief in transparency, integrity and the need for it to prevail in our business and our dealings with our clients and partners.

Scope of Work

Animal Production

Working in the field of Poultry and meat processing, our farms produce daily high quality


Mineral mining is one of our fields of work and the company seeks to expand its business


We seek through AGCO for  Transport to contribute to the development of the transportation


Sudan is famous for its vast lands and tremendous agricultural potentials, we work through

Import and Export

Al-Fateh Jafar Import and Export works to export Sudanese products such as oils  and fodder

Real Estate

The company is active in the sale and trade of real estate and construction of buildings

Trading Cars

We import cars from international markets to provide the Sudanese citizen with the car that


We are working on building and installing an integrated production line to produce packaging