Our Fields of Work

Animal Production, Mining, Transport, Agricultural, Import and Export Business, Real Estate, Auto Import & Trade and Packaging.


Sudan is famous for its vast lands and tremendous agricultural potentials, we work through AGCO agricultural to cultivate large areas of land through modern technologies and in the hands of hundreds of skilled Sudanese workers to produce high-quality crops of beans, sesame and sorghum, and other crops for the local Sudanese market and for export purposes.

The company targets agricultural lands, both irrigated and rainy, in North, Gazirah, Kordofan, and other various parts of the country Sudan.

Animal Production

Working in the field of Poultry and meat processing, our farms produce daily high quality products of chicken and processed meat.

Our farms are located in large areas in Soba, southeast of Khartoum, in a safe and healthy environment with the best specifications, and standards with a dedicated team of veterinarians and competent workers.


Mineral mining is one of our fields of work and the company seeks to expand its business to include a number of franchise blocks for mining in various states of Sudan.

In the search for minerals our company is well equipped with a full range of heavy and light mechanisms and modern exploration devices to achieve good results that contribute to increasing the country’s production of gold and minerals in order to achieve benefit and increase the revenue of exports’ hard currencies.


We seek through AGCO for  Transport to contribute to the development of the transportation sector by adding a fleet of vehicles that tour around Sudan to make the process of transporting goods and property more easy and less expensive.

Import and Export Business

Al-Fateh Jafar Import and Export works to export Sudanese products such as oils  and fodder to the Arabian Gulf countries and the Middle East, and imports various types of goods and products commensurate with the local market.

Our company is considered the ideal destination for managing both inbound and outbound operations with our extensive network of relationships in a number of countries and markets around the Globe, and our extensive experience helps our clients in getting all their needs of goods, machinery and equipment directly from the countries of origin for multiple options at real costs.

Real Estate

The company is active in the sale and trade of real estate and construction of buildings, residential and commercial complexes, and the company has a number of planned new housing schemes in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Travel and Tourism 

Cancun Travel & tourism arranges preferential rates for holiday, educational, nature and venture tours, inbound and outbound and extends voucher services of renowned international hotels, car rental, cruise lines and transportation companies in UAE, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, USA, North America, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Turkey, North and south Africa, New Zealand, Australia and other destinations around the globe.

Sofia Bridal Shop

Sofia is a wedding attire shop like no other. While most retail bridal shops focus on selling wedding gowns, our focus is everything else. We will cater to the mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, and flower girls. In addition, we will provide an array of accessories for all the female members of the bridal party. At our first meeting we will discuss your wedding plans, help you make some decisions about gown styles to fit your body type and personal style, and assist you as you try on gowns.

Trading Cars

We import cars from international markets to provide the Sudanese citizen with the car that suits his needs so that he can choose his car from multiple choice of models.

New and used Korean, Japanese and European cars are available in our showrooms to provide our customers with more options and methods of convenient payment and easy installments.


We are working on building and installing an integrated production line to produce packaging products to be the largest in terms of production and the latest international specifications.

We are happy to deal with various companies and institutions to provide them with their needs of cardboard, plastic sticks and manufactured burlap packages from the finest materials and creative designs.